We all know that air is an essential need for us to live. Air contains oxygen that will be used by our bodies. But because of human activities, we can’t have any more clean air to inhale. This article includes the harmful effects of air pollution on our bodies because air pollution is not only in cities but also all around the world experience this tragedy.

Causes of Air Pollution

The health risks from these activities can be severe, such as changes and modifications in machinery operation. Factories that emit black smoke due to the process of their machines. Gasoline vehicles such as automobiles, cars, motors, and trucks. Human activities like deforestation of mountains for it to become a subdivision.


Respiratory Disease

Due to the dirty air, air lungs are the number one affected by it because it is the place where the air needs to be processed. Example of this is lung cancer, emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Heart Diseases

With this dirty air, our heart will receive a negative effect, just like damage to heart tissues, heart attacks due to arterial occlusion.

Primary Senses

The nose, eyes, and throat could also be affected by inhaling dirty air because there is a possibility that we can inhale Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). For the nose, it can suffer from a nosebleed. For our eyes, it can suffer from eye irritation, and for the throat, it can cause a dry cough or dry throat.…

lavender for essential oil

Lavender was used for essential oil main ingredient. There are over 30 kinds of lavender. There were many programs. The Egyptians used it. This flower became famous because the Queen in England used it. This is its cultivation for purposes that were started industrially. Lavender is a beautiful fragrance and is considered one of the most versatile essential oils available on the market. It is one of the essential oils that can be used pure or diluted. When used for functions, it has a calming effect on understanding. When used, it is a means to have a characteristic smell that is natural compared to the odors used in business. It consists of a process of steam distillation, which. It is produced, and it smells like intoxicants!

lavender essential oil
There are several disorders for which lavender essential oils can be used, depending on the relief and recovery. This oil is painful because it has soothing properties. It is used as a repellent. It can be applied by itself if you want to avoid being bitten alive, and it is excellent for the treatment of moths.

It corrects minor wounds and cuts very quickly. Let the cold water run and apply the oil. To heal a cut, you can put a few drops on a bandage to speed up the healing process. This can also reduce the possibility of illness.

Relieves Skin Problems

It can relieve eczema or psoriasis. Eczema is used to describe skin diseases. The leading cause of the disease can be challenging to determine. Lavender essential oil alone can be useful in the treatment of the skin. You can use the oil alone every day. Mixing and massage is an excellent method. It can be produced. All you have to do is mix and apply the oil. Shake well before stirring.

Helps You Get Better Sleep

Insomnia is one of the most common health problems that people have. It is considered such. Lavender essential oil is a remedy for insomnia. I can repair fat. You can choose to put the money in an oil vaporizer, which is vital. With the adjustment, you can inhale the lavender oil.

Much recent research has been done on the effectiveness of lavender oil as a sleep aid. Studies have shown that it has a generous benefit. It isn’t easy to test. It is impossible to compare the results because the smell is recognizable. It follows that not only will it be easier for you, but you will also sleep more peacefully.

You will probably include lavender oil in your skin products that benefit from the properties of lavender and give them a pleasant scent. It provides relief to dry or chapped skin and can moisturize it. One option would be to mix the lavender essential oil with a support oil and massage it in.

Improves Your Skin

Best essential oilIt is an antiseptic and also an anti-inflammatory that could be used as a remedy for acne. The use of two or one drops may help to heal them. It detoxifies the skin because it contains antioxidants. This makes it easy as a remedy. Wrinkles soften with its application, while it generates the skin’s business and promotes blood circulation.

There are many things that excellent lavender oil can do to help the skin! It helps when used to heal a wound, reduce scar tissue. It can be used to reduce age spots and give a more even tone to the skin.…


A child reaches the age of 3 years, while delays in response are evident, and autism begins to manifest its symptoms. A child with aspergers diagnosis will have difficulty interacting with people. This is a type of therapy for communication disorders, which will play a role over time.

Professionals during speech and language therapy can help them to improve and improve their lifestyle after a child has been diagnosed with autism. This type of treatment creates options that allow them to talk to children with little or no speech ability. This includes the use of modern technology designed to improve communication skills.

Below are some of how speech therapy can be helpful for children with autism.

Helps Build Ability to Express

Speech therapy and language therapy are designed to help children with disabilities discover how to speak and promote communication so that they can function and build relationships in their lives. This type of treatment helps people with autism to develop the ability to share their ideas and needs. Children are taught both verbal and non-verbal communication skills to establish a dialogue that starts with the ability to establish and maintain eye contact. Learning these skills helps children with autism to make friends outside the home.

Supports Communication Learning

With speech therapy and language therapy, children learn to understand what is being communicated to them. They are taught the communicative and verbal skills that men and women use in their daily lives. It helps them to understand body language signs and facial expressions. Furthermore, speech therapy and language therapy play another essential role when autistic people learn to communicate.

Helps Communicate With Peers

An autistic person and the naturalness of the episodes of communication and unpredictability resist. You may be paranoid and find it hard to talk about things. To experience achieving success and making friends, language therapy teaches children.

Autism causes children to have patterns of learning and language processing like this. They know, without dividing what they hear, the words and sounds of spoken language into components. In addition to treating the above signs, speech therapy helps children with autism overcome “echolalia,” a symptom of autism in which children repeat elements of television programs before they understand what they are saying.

Helps Articulate Words and Sentences

Children with disabilities have difficulty imagining sounds and forming sentences. They struggle with terminology and language based on importance. Words such as idioms, ideas and indications, and temporal concepts can be problematic for autistic children. These are areas where speech therapy and language therapy can be useful for children with this condition.

Speech therapy and speech therapy are some of the most common treatment options for children. It helps people to establish social contacts and build relationships, improve their communication skills, and eliminate the fear of interaction.…